Semi-automatic Impact Testing Machine Series
  • The pendulum impact tester is a kind of impact tester, and is a detector for determining the performance of a metal material against impact under dynamic load, thereby judging the quality condition of the material under dynamic load.

  • Product models

    ◆ JB-300B/500B Semi-automatic impact testing machine

    ◆ JBS-300B/500B Digital display semi-automatic impact testing machine

    ◆ JBW-300B/500B Computer Control Semi- Automatic impact testing machine

    Main Specifications and Technical Parameter


    Impact Energy300J/150J ( impact energy of 500B series is 500J/250J)
    Impact Speed5.2m/s
    Pendulum Angle150°
    Space of Specimen Base (mm)40
    Base Bite Fillet (mm)R1~1.5
    Impact Blade Fillet(mm)R2~2.5
    Distance from Pendulum Center to Impact Point

    Distance of 300B series is 750mm

     ( while distance of 500B series is 800mm)

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