Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
  • This series is mainly used for the tensile test of metal materials. 

  • It can do tensile test, bending test, compression test and other mechanical performance test.

  • Product with patented technology, with high configuration,precision and stability.

    Gaining national patent, the Servo Pump Device of Computer-control Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machines. 

    Patent Characters: high testing rate control accuracy,ultra-silence and energy conservation.

    Main Function and Usage

    ◆This product is mainly used for the tensile test of metal materials and component, testing  the tensile strength,yield strength,  stipulated plastic extension strength, elasticity modulus, percentage elongation after fracture and other mechanical performance index. 

    ◆Hydraulic wedge clamping. The testing results can be automatically stored, and the testing report,including the testing data and testing curve  would be generated and printed automatically.

    Main Specifications and Technical Parameter

    Maximum Testing Force2000 kN1000 kN600 kN600 kN300 kN
    Class of Testing Machine0.5/1
    Efficient Measure Range2%-100%FS
    Relative Value Display Accuracy±0.5%/±1%
    Discrimination of Testing Force (mm)0.005
    Adjustment Range of Stress Rate Control 1MPa/s~~60MPa/s
     Accuracy of Stress Rate Control ±1%/±2%
    Discrimination of Deformation Measure (mm)0.005
    Adjustment Range of Strain Rate Control 0.00025/s~~0.0025/s
    Accuracy of Strain Rate Control ±1%/±2%
    Discrimination of Displacement Measure (mm)0.001
    Adjustment Range of Displacement Rate Control 0.00025/s~~0.0025/s
     Accuracy of Displacement Rate Control ±0.5%/±1%
    Range of Holding Control of Stress, Strain and Displacement0.3%~~100%FS
     Accuracy of Holding Control of Stress, Strain and Displacement±1%
    Tensile Volume(mm)1300700650650650
    Compression Volume(mm)1000550550550600
    Column Space(mm)745550450430430
    Round Specimen Clamping Range(mm)Φ20-Φ65Φ6-Φ45Φ6-Φ40Φ6-Φ40Φ6-Φ26
    Flat Specimen Clamping Thickness(mm)0-500-300-300-300-30
    Max. Width of Flat Specimen Clamping(mm)14075757575
    Pressure Plate Dimension(mm)Φ300Φ160Φ160Φ160Φ160
    Overall Dimension(mm)1200*800*3300910*830*2300840*700*2200740*590*2150
    Oil Source Console Dimension(mm)1150*800*1000
    Total Motor Power(kW)42221.5
    Total Weight(kg)90003200230020001600

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    • The Main Interface



    • There are many standards can be choosen



    • The curve of testing



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