Horizontal tensile testing machine
  • Mainly used for tensile mechanical properties test of steel wire rope, anchor chain, steel strand, oil rod, cable, sling, chain and other components.

  • Product Application

    • Horizontal tensile testing machine product range:

    • Test type: tensile test of steel bars and steel strands; compression test within a certain range.

    Horizontal tensile testing machine application areas: construction industry, building materials industry, metallurgical industry, transportation industry, energy resources industry, scientific research units, colleges and universities, quality testing centers, commodity inspection departments

    This test machine is an ideal test equipment in the above fields.

    Maximum load(100-10000) kN
    StructureSingle-rod double-acting cylinder frame structure
    Test operation height300mm-700mm
    Drive control modeMicrocomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo
    Test typenormal temperature stretching, etc.
    Overload protection105% overload protection (no deformation, no mechanical damage)
    Machine noiseno more than 75dB
    Load indication accuracybetter than ±1% of the indication
    Load resolution500000 yards, and the resolution is constant
    Force measurement range2% to 100% F•S
    Load control accuracybetter than ±1% of the indication
    Stress control accuracybetter than ±1% of the indication
    Displacement indication accuracybetter than ±0.5% of the indication
    Displacement resolution0.001mm
    Displacement control accuracy (speed)better than ±0.5% of the indication
    Piston moving speed range0-100mm/min full load stepless speed regulation
    Piston stroke200-20000 mm
    Maximum stretching space200-25000 mm (can be configured upon request)
    Maximum compression space200-2000mm
    Stretching space adjustment interval300 -500mm




    • The Main Interface




    • There are many standards can be choosen




    • The curve of testing



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