Compression shear testing machine
  • This machine is used to test the mechanical properties of finished products of highway bridges and railway bridge rubber bearings.

  • Product Application

    • The microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo compression shear tester adopts the cylinder under-type and four-column structure. The rigidity of the frame is high and the deformation is small. It meets the testing requirements of the plate, rail and ball bearings of highway and railway bridges. The test space is infinite. 


    • Adjust to facilitate the test needs of different heights. Adopting XLC's self-developed and proprietary multi-channel closed-loop coordinated loading electro-hydraulic servo control system, the microcomputer controls coordinated multi-stage hydraulic loading, continuous loading, stable, multi-stage test force retention, automatic load retention, automatic acquisition and storage of data, and drawing of curves Automatically print test reports, the computer controls the test process in a timely manner, displays the test force and test curve, and the operation is simple and reliable.


    Vertical maximum test force5000kN-30000kN
    Vertical test force measurement range2%-100%
    Vertical test force measurement accuracy ±1%
    Vertical cylinder stroke 200-300mm 
    Vertical maximum test space 1000mm-1500mm
    Upper and lower platen thickness150mm 200mm 300mm
    Constant speed test force control range0.5kN-30kN/s

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